Services – Civil Construction

Through its Sachs Civil division, civil construction crews provide a valuable resource for the management, engineering and completion of electrical work. Outside construction and civil work is completed with the specialized equipment and labor requirements available for industrial sites, power plants, commercial sites, institutions, airports, chemical companies, sports lighting, and retail facilities.

Sachs Civil is a cost-effective resource for trenching, excavating, pre-cast manholes, pole bases, and specialized excavations required in duct bank construction through rock, concrete and asphalt. Ready accessibility to excavating and boring equipment enable the rapid completion of projects involving special stipulations and time constraints. Projects requiring excavation, shoring, backfill and restoration work are partnered with electrical construction. Projects consist of civil construction for underground services, concrete foundations and bases, switchgear pads, substation work and general site work.

Sachs Civil Helps Modernize Lambert St. Louis International Airport

In conjunction with Sachs Electric, Sachs Civil was engaged on a $13 million project to modernize runways and taxiway lighting systems at the Lambert–St. Louis International Airport.  Crews installed various in-ground lighting systems to improve aircraft guidance and safety and then integrated them with existing systems so that both could be controlled from one area, yet  work in tandem. The projects not only enhanced the safety for all airfield activities, but it also helped reduce power consumption and ongoing maintenance costs.