Sachs Select

Connecting Service and Value

For many years Sachs Electric has been known for its large, complex projects from Busch Stadium to Lambert Airfield. While these projects often catch the headlines that we are proud of, they can also overshadow our capability to perform smaller scale projects of many different types, such as schools, retail space, banks and restaurants. In recent years Sachs has performed electrical construction on many U.S. Bank branches, Arby's, several Target stores, JCPenney, Lowe’s, various Home Depot and a multitude of school districts, to name just a few.

To help distinguish our presence in this market Sachs Electric Company has added a new division, Sachs Select. Sachs Select - Connecting Service and Value - will provide access to our suite of services from the Sachs Family of Companies to value-minded customers through our workforce within Sachs Select.

Sachs Select will compliment the current services of the Sachs Family of Companies providing access to all of the capabilities of Sachs Systems, Sachs Automation, Sachs Civil, as well as Sachs Electric’s Engineering, Line Construction, Pre-construction services, and our 24-hour service operations, should the project require them.

Sachs Select will be able to provide the constant attention and commitment that this market needs by having a dedicated staff of Project Managers and Electricians. Customers can be assured that their project is important and receives the attention and service it deserves, regardless of size.