Power and Cogeneration

  • Metcalf Power Plant
  • Inland Empire Energy Center 7H Launch
  • AEP Cardinal WWTP
  • Pico Energy Power Project
  • Ameren Duck Creek Plant
  • Ameren Sioux Plant
Project: Metcalf Power Plant
Instrumentation installation, calibration and start-up on a 2-on-1 Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Utility Power House
Location: San Jose, California
Owner: Orange County Sanitation District
Contractor:  Rosendin Electric
Engineer:  Burns and Rowe
Value:  $1,717,000
Completion:  January 2005
Project: Inland Empire Energy Center 7H Launch
Instrumentation installation on 500MW Combined Cycle Generation Facility
Location: Romoland, California
Owner:  GE Energy
Contractor:  GE Energy
Engineer:  GE Energy
Value:  $3,707,136
Completion:  July 2008
Project: AEP Cardinal WWTP
Bleed Stream WWTP for Units 1, 2 & 3; SO3 Injection System
Location: Brilliant, Ohio        
Owner: AEP
Contractor:  Black & Veatch
Engineer:  Black & Veatch
Value:  $6,300,000
Completion:  December 2008
Project: Pico Energy Power Project
Instrumentation installation and start-up on a 2-on-1 GE Frame 6 Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant
Location: Santa Clarita, California     
Owner: Pico Energy
Contractor:  Rosendin Electric
Value:  $1,403,966
Completion:  December 2004
Project: Ameren Duck Creek Plant
Upgrade of plant DCS System 410 MW Unit
Location: Canton, Illinois
Owner: Ameren Energy Resources
Contractor:  Sachs Electric Company
Value:  $6,000,000
Completion:  September 2007
Project: Ameren Sioux Plant
WFGD Scrubber 986 MW Unites 1 & 2
Location: West Alton, Missouri
Owner: Ameren UE
Value:  Client Confidential
Completion:  December 2010