• Abencs
  • British Petroleum
  • Valero Refinery
  • Conoco Phillips WWTP
  • Marathon Refinery
Project: Abencs
Complete electrical and instrumentation work for lighting, receptacles, power, controls for a new 88 MMGPY Ethanol
Location: Madison, IL
Owner: Abengoa Bioenergy
Value:  $21,133,281
Completion:  November 2009
Project: British Petroleum
Rule 1105 Precipitator Construction
Location: Carson, California
Owner: British Petroleum
Contractor:  ARB
Value:  $13,130,000
Completion:  March 2008
Project: Valero Refinery
Alky Unit ReVAP and ULSD Revamp; Power Distribution (new and retrofit), lighting and grounding, instrument conduit and cable tray, new instrument installation, instrument tubing, 28 day turnaround and instrument calibration and loop testing
Location: Wilmington, California
Owner: Ultramar
Contractor:  Nooter Construction Company
Value:  $21,150,000
Completion:  March 2008


Project: Conoco Phillips
Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
Location: Wood River, Illinois
Owner: Conoco Phillips
Contractor:  MC Industrial
Value:  $7,700,000
Completion:  December 2008
Project: Detroit Refinery - Marathon Oil
Electrical and Instrumentation for Turnaround Expansion Project; Crude/Vacuum Unites, Vacuum Tower Installation
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Owner: Marathon Petroleum
Contractor:  ARB
Value:  $1,100,000
Completion:  April 2006
Project: BP Gas-Oil Hydrotreater
The project consisted of medium-voltage power, 480V power, controls, instrumentation, fiber optics, electric heat tracing, grounding, and general lighting.  During the fifteen month highly compressed schedule Sachs managed more than a half-million man-hours of work including a full quality inspection and repair of the prefabricated process modules, more than 1700 instrument loop checks, and commissioning support.
Value:  $62,000,000.
Completion:  July 2013