Municipal Water and Wastewater Control Systems

  • Orange County Sanitation District
  • C.O.M.N.E.T
  • Platte West Water Production Facility
  • Detroit Water and Sewerage District DATANET
  • Water Reclamation Center
Project: Orange County Sanitation District
Engine Controls Upgrade
Location: Fountain Valley, California
Owner: Orange County Sanitation District
Contractor:  Sachs Electric Company
Engineer:  Black & Veatch
Value:  $9,500,000
Completion:  September 2011
Project: C.O.M.N.E.T
Upgrade of Westinghouse WDPF DCS at various sites
Location: San Diego, California
Owner:  City of San Diego
Contractor:  Emerson Process Management
Engineer:  Montgomery Watson Harza
Value:  $13,832,329
Completion:  2011
Project: Platte West Water Production Facilities
Electrical and Instrumentation for Water Production Facilities and Treatment Plant
Location: Omaha, Nebraska        
Owner: Metropolitan Utilities District
Contractor:  Alberici Constructors
Engineer:  HDR
Value:  $27,900,000
Completion:  December 2008
Project: Detroit Water and Sewerage District
Water and Wastewater Controls Upgrades
Location: Detroit, Michigan        
Owner: City of Detroit
Contractor:  Walbridge Constructors
Engineer:  Montgomery Watson
Value:  $51,000,000
Completion:  September 2005
Project: Water Reclamation Center
Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project
Location: Wentzville, Missouri        
Owner: City of Wentzville
Contractor:  Goodwin Brothers Construction
Value:  $2,100,000
Completion:  December 2007