Distributed Control System Replacement

  • Centralia Power House
  • Antelope Valley Units 1 & 2
  • Ameren Duck Creek Plant
  • Ameren Labadie Plant
  • Ameren Taum Sauk
Project: Centralia Power House
Design/Build DCS Upgrade; Field verification of existing Unit, Creation of I/O database, removal of existing control room panels, installation of new Ovation DCS (4900 point); Replacement of field instrumentation and conversion of pneumatic devices to electronic
Location: Centralia, Washington
Contractor:  Westinghouse PC Division
Engineer:  Sachs Electric Company
Value:  $ 2,400,000
Completion:  2001
Project: Antelope Valley Units 1 & 2
Replacement of Distributed Control System for Power Plant. Field Verification, Instrumental and Process Controls Upgrade and DCS installation
Location: Beulah, North Dakota
Owner: Basin Electric
Contractor:  Westinghouse PC Division
Value:  $ 2,000,000
Completion:  1999 and 2001

Project: Ameren Duck Creek Plant
Complete plant upgrade and expansion to include WFGD installation
Location: Canton, Illinois
Owner: Ameren Energy Resources
Contractor:  Sachs Electric Company
Engineer:  SEGA
Value:  $6,048,000
Completion:  September 2007
Project: Ameren Labadie Plant Units #3 & #4
DCS Control Upgade for Power Plant.  Electrical, Instrumentation and Process Controls
Location: Labadie,Missouri
Owner: Ameren
Value:  $3,265,000
Completion:  1999