Solar Photovoltaic

  • Victor Valley Community College
  • Ameren GOB PV System
  • Lexington Farms Solar/Wind
  • Lakewood UPS Distribution Center 
  • Kapex 24MW PV Solar Power Plant 
Project: Victor Valley Community College
1MW CPV Solar Project
Location: Victorville, CA
Owner: Sol-Focus
Contractor:  Sachs Alternative Energy
Engineer:  Sol-Focus/Sachs Alternative Energy
Value:  $1,500,000
Completion:  May 2010
Project: Ameren GOB PV System
100 KW Photovoltaic Demonstration Project for Utility Provider, AmerenUE
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Owner: Ameren
Contractor:  Sachs Electric Company
Engineer:  Burns and McDonnell
Value:  $500,000
Completion:  December 2010
Project: Lexington Farms Solar/Wind
Furnish and install solar and wind elements on a 32-home subdivision
Location: Jerseyville, Illinois
Owner: Crestwood Building Associates
Contractor:  Client Confidential
Engineer:  Client Confidential
Value:  $2,000,000
Completion:  February 2011
Project: Lakewood UPS Distribution Center 
248 KW rooftop Photovoltaic project
Location: Lakewood, NJ
Owner: United Parcel Service
Contractor:  Inovateus Solar
Engineer:  Schneider Electric
Value:  $200,000
Completion:  June 2011
Project: Kapex 24MW PV Solar Power Plant 
Installation of PV Modules, Trackers, Switchyard
and Balance of System (BOS)
Owner: SunEdison
Contractor:  ABB
Engineer:  ABB / Sachs Electric
Value:  $10,025,000
Completion:  7/27/12
Project: Toray Plastics 
Installation of a 455KW Single Axis Photovoltaic Tracker system.
Location: Quonset, RI
Contractor:  Opel Solar
Engineer:  Sachs Electric Co.
Value:  $600,000.00
Completion:  Sept. 2011
Project: Granite Construction-Coalinga Aggregate Plant 
Installation of a 1.2MW Ground Mounted, Fixed Tilt Photovoltaic system.
Location: Coalinga, CA
Contractor:  Granite Construction
Engineer:  Blue Oak Engineering
Value:  $520,000.00
Completion:  Nov 2011
Project: Kari-Out  
Installation of a 1.29MW Rooftop Fixed Tilt, Ballasted Photovoltaic system
Location: Patterson, NJ
Contractor:  Inovateus Solar
Engineer:  Inovateus Solar
Value:  $1.3M
Completion:  Oct 2011